5 Hilariously Naughty Ways To Prank Your Bestie!

30th July is international friendship day. A day to appreciate and promote friendships from all backgrounds and bridge the gaps between race, language, culture and sex. And so, we thought what better time to tell your mates you truly love them by playing the biggest prank and annoying the hell out of them.


There are SO many ways to do this, but a lot of the time people over complicate ideas and take it too are a few effective (never been done before) ways to create a bit of lighthearted entertainment if not for them definitely for yourself.  


So, are you ready?...


  1. For a truly unforgettable LOL moment print their face (or yours) onto a GFY Toy! Award them the medal and acknowledgment they've always needed. *image* P.I.C for life (partner in crime for life). 
  2. In keeping with our own theme, anonymously send them a box of willies. Sure, it's fun while it lasts. 
  3. Taking inspo from The Office, why not hide their stationary in Jelly? Not juvenile enough?..
  4. How about wrapping their items in a personalised wrapping paper? That's correct, be extra annoying and wrap their belongings with their own face. 
  5. Glitter bombs are a perfect, not so discreet way to tell your friend they need to clean up more often. 


In our (totally unbiased) opinion the best option is the GFY Toy. Why do you ask? Because, not only has it never been done before, but you are giving your pal a gift like no other, a present that will prank them so hard their jaws drop over and over again…Need we say more? 

If you fancy trying out our custom made to order vibrator on your mate then we would love to see your reaction videos! Get in touch with us here. 

Please note, all of these pranks are safe and can also be played on your girlfriend/ boyfriend! :p  P.s Our packaging is always discrete, but our 5 inch vibrating dildo...not so much ;) (batteries sold separately). 

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