Hen Do’s And Don’ts For the Perfect Summer Party 2021!

The restrictions have gone, summer is here and you have a hen do around the corner! Don’t worry, we have a few tips that will save you some time! Below we have a checklist of some things to avoid and some you definitely shouldn't!

So, here's the fun “DO” stuff; 
    1. Activities- Talk to your party! Get an idea of what your hens want to get up to. Is it going to involve endless amounts of cocktails and strippers? Or a spa weekend to rejuvenate before the big day? Maybe you aren't feeling up to going too wild post lockdown, there are ways around it, i.e, you can hire a hot tub boat or start the day getting down and dirty at a virtual life drawing class! Dive into balls head first at the ball pit cocktail bar.

    1. Music- By now you should have an idea of the sorts of music your bride-to-be and hens enjoy. If not, there's always the option of a silent disco.

    1. Food/Drinks- This is one of the most important points. Whether it is a bottomless brunch? Afternoon tea? Dinner? The options are endless. Pick something with a variety of dietary options. 

  1. Gifts- Buying gifts is a must and sometimes can get a little mundane/predictable. GFY Toy has something pretty cool that will add raunch, zest and no doubt a lot of unforgettable pleasure! The custom made vibrators are one of a kind..(literally). The only company that offers a range of more than 150 pre-designs you can choose from, or choose from their latest Hen Do range! What's even better is that you can even print individual faces and customise your own print to cater to your special event. 
And here are some of the “DON’TS”;

    1. Plan- Everything in advance, food, drink, gifts, activities, venue etc. Do not leave anything till the last minute! Make a guest list and use a checklist like ours to help you keep on track. Note down all the changes and make everyone aware of any updates asap.

    1. Invitation- Make sure you invite everyone who your bride to be is friends with and close to. Inviting your colleague who your bride-to-be has met just once isn't fair and may create an atmosphere. Crucial you don't forget anyone your bride-to-be is close with even if you aren't! Remember this day is all about her, so you want all her biggest fans and supporters there to cheer her on for her big journey ahead.

  1. No hidden Costs- Whatever you decide to plan, please be wary that not everyone can afford extra than the budget agreed. To avoid any disagreements on the day try to be clear about any costs. Giving people the option to get involved to pay extra is not fair. So, as the perfect host, prepare an event your hens and bride-to-be won't forget for all the right reasons!


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