Rib-Tickling Gifts Guaranteed To Make Your Hens Gag With Laughter

What is the number one rule to remember for any hen bash? Whatever you do or wherever you are, don't forget to let loose and have FUN! 


Having said that, the stress up to it is understandably annoying. Organising a raunchy Hen party is at times overwhelming and time consuming. It's not an everyday event and for most a once in a lifetime affair. So the pressure is on to organise an unforgettable event. 


It’s difficult to find exciting and buzzworthy gifts there all the time, but if you think your hens would love something a little spicier than massage oils, scented candles and chocolate, then we have some unconventional recommendations that will make your heart race. 


Taking into account that this special occasion is when to let your inner sexual desires out and be totally and utterly unrestrained. With that in mind, let's have a look at how we can help you relive those naughty memories years down the line! 


One wicked way is to personalise a custom vibrator for all your hens! Will you have their faces on it? All of your faces on it? Maybe their fav celebrity crush? Or a simple message like; “Hens On Tour 2021” The handy 5 inch bullet fits in the smallest of bags and as far as vibrators go can turn you on with up to 10 vibration settings. 


This game is played blindfolded and whoever places the willy on the correct/closest spot on the poster wins. Similar to an X rated version of pin the donkey. Entertaining and even more fun after a few drinks!


Or if you fancy getting your creative juices flowing, You can paint your perfect version of a dick. Will you choose ginger, grey or opt for multi coloured pubes? Great way of having fun and lots of giggles as a group.


One thing has to be said and it really is the unique selling point of these vibrators. With a peng toy like the GFY, you can begin to build an epic collection with your pals. One for every hen party, birthday party, or if all fails divorce party! Whatever the circumstance this personalised gift represents all the outrageous never to be forgotten memories.  





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