Saucy Birthday Presents For Your Partner!

Sometimes buying a gift for your partner can be tricky. Especially post lockdown you may need to reignite lost flames or simply get out of a rut. We are all about adding spice to 
If it's a new relationship or someone you have been with for a while, either way you are reading this because you need some help getting inspired! Look no further, we are here to help you.
Sexy Personalised Calendar
Get them a personalised calendar with sexy photos of you. Great way to have your best sexy self plastered all over their wall. Simple, sexual, and a subtle way of letting them know you want to get jiggy. However, sometimes subtle isn't enough and you just want to get down and dirty.
The Jizz Game
Great option for when funds are low and you can't afford to get her a pearl necklace, don't worry with this game you can cum close. It’s called the “Jizz Game” and it quite literally is what it means! 
Willy Duel
You can finally end all arguments with a willy duel. That is correct! What a perfect way to decide who does the washing up. If nothing else this will definitely put a smile on your face. 
Custom Vibrator
If all of the above does not get you hot and bothered in one way or another, then we have one more option which we know you both will LOVE. 
A very unique custom made to order bullet vibrator. If you want to test your partner's boundaries, spice things up or just make them laugh then GFY Toy can give you it all! And let's face it there aren't many toys that can do that. 
We will admit we may not always have what some people consider the best advice, but we can certainly give you the best product. Would you buy this for your partner? Check out the whole range here!
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