Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work? 

We are the world’s first site to incorporate personalisation and a traditional vibrator!  Simply put, imagine that cute personalised mug you bought for your boyfriend for valentines day? Well it’s exactly the same, except this time, it’s a vibrator and its 100x more hilarious. Simply choose from our pre-designed vibrators if you or your friend have a celebrity crush etc  Or go that one step further and upload your desired funny image (you know, the school leavers photo that your best friend cringes at every time it appears), and we’ll do the rest! Within 48 hours, you’ll have your very own personalised Vibrator that will certainly be the talk of the town once the room erupts in laughter! 

How long does it take to deliver? 

Our Standard shipping is 48 hours. It’s also completely FREE! No-one likes to pay for postage anyway! 

Is it Waterproof? 

Our Vibrators are rated to IP66 Waterproof rating. They are Dust proof and water resistant. Whilst we understand that everyone has different preferred locations for use, we advise that this product is not used underwater! 

What countries do you deliver to? 

We can deliver Worldwide. Outside of the UK, extra shipping charges and duty charges may apply. 

Is your packaging anonymous?

Yes, whilst we have some amazing shiny packaging, all of our packaging is completely anonymous externally. So your neighbour that sometimes collects your parcels for you won’t greet you with that awkward smile ;) 

How safe is the printing for use? 

All of our vibrators can be used safely. 

What batteries are needed? 

Just 1 x AA battery will suffice to bring you more than enough pleasure! You can purchase these at the checkout page if you don’t want to start emptying your kitchen drawers trying to find that one battery you know you saw a “while” ago. 

“I cant find the image I need in the required format or resolution”

If you are struggling to find the required format or resolution, why not try an online image file converter? Alternatively, email us your image and we will be able to help you out! 

“Help, my product doesn’t work”

We are very sorry to hear this! Please contact our support team and we will assist you immediately!

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